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The NEW Ag Services Story

NEW Ag Services LLC is a fully independent agronomy service provider based in Hortonville Wisconsin. Our founders Brandon Fuhrman and Steven Feldkamp knew each other from their days at Fox Valley Technical College and worked at different local agronomy service providers. They both saw the need for a fully independent source of products and services for growers. In 2016, that vision became a reality and NEW Ag Services LLC was formed. We started out With consulting services such as crop scouting, soil sampling, and writing 590 nutrient management plans. We sold a small amount of seed, and offered custom spreading of lime products. In addition, custom planting and harvesting was added to complement our own farming operation. Since then, mega mergers and acquisitions have not slowed down in the agriculture supply industry. The dire need for competition and an independent source of products and services has followed those mergers and acquisitions. Seeing that need, We decided to scale back the custom planting and harvesting side of our operation and expanded the full service custom application side of our business. Today, we offer a full lineup of seed representing regional and national brands, premium and generic crop protection products, dry and liquid fertilizers, custom application, crop scouting, soil sampling, and nutrient management plans.  Doing the right thing and handling products and services that put our growers in the forefront is our mission. We utilize our own farming operation to better understand and test products. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we have actual skin in the game and have a deeper knowledge on the products we promote. We cater to the need of the growers we serve. Not investors, not large corporations, not large regional cooperatives that often have decision makers that live hours away from your operation or have been years away from stepping on the farm. We strive to be humble in our business dealings, a trusted partner to those who trust us, and the provider of choice when it comes to agronomy needs in Northeast Wisconsin. We humbly invite you to experience how NEW ag redefines value.
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